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Jul 08, 2020 / Report/Study
This report collects the outcomes of discussions and surveys carried out in 3 years among members of the Host Municipalities Learning Network (HMLN). It provides an overview of the findings collected in five opinion surveys and workshop discussions from May 2016 to July 2019 and derives... more
Jun 29, 2020 / Video
French Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Jean-Yves Le Drian entrusted the CMI with hosting a platform for facilitating and monitoring the implementation of the projects emerging from the Sommet des Deux Rives (Summit of the Two Shores).     The Summit of the Two Shores is an initiative... more
Jun 16, 2020 / Newsletter
Jun 11, 2020 / Blog
This Opinion piece by Senior Advisor, Dr. Silvia Pariente-David analyses the implications of the COVID-19 crisis on energy markets and on greenhouse gas emissions. It argues that only ambitious green stimulus packages can prevent a massive rebound in emissions, centered on a massive renewable... more
May 29, 2020 / Report/Study
The recent coronavirus crisis threatens the health, economies, and societies of any country, regardless of its level of development. In the countries of the Middle East and of the Southern Mediterranean the fight against the pandemic is even more complicated. It must be done with limited healthcare... more
May 20, 2020 / Newsletter
May 19, 2020 / Blog
السياق   تضيف الجائحة العالمية الحالية لوباء كوفيد-19 تحديات جديدة للسلطات المحلية التي تستضيف لاجئين. حيث فرضت البلدان في جميع أنحاء العالم قيوداً داخلية ودولية لضبط التحركات واحتواء انتشار الفيروس، فيما يكافح القطاع الخاص للتعامل مع الاضطراب الناتج في سلاسل التوريد العالمية وانخفاض الطلب على... more
May 19, 2020 / Blog
*/ السياق والتحديات ألقت جانحة كوفيد 19 بثقلها على وضع أو ظرف يتّسم أصلاً بالهشاشة. وجدت السلطات المحلية المتوسطية التي تتعامل مع استضافة اللاجئين نفسها بالتالي، في مواجهة أزمة صحية مستجدة إذ أن الحاجة الفورية لإدارة الأزمة والتنسيق الصحي لاحتواء انتشار الفيروس ترافقت مع التحديات القائمة المتعلقة... more
May 14, 2020 / Report/Study
This overview aims to inform members of the CMI Forum on Energy and Climate Change on the energy and climate policy developments in the region and on their implications for the creation of an integrated Euro-Mediterranean energy market. It focuses on EU policy developments, and related legislative... more
May 06, 2020 / Blog
Photo: Nice Tourisme   It has long been understood that the Southern Mediterranean has extremely abundant cheap solar energy resources and plentiful desert land to build it on. With those resources it could supply much of Europe’s green energy demand more cheaply than if Europe relies only on... more
Apr 10, 2020 / Newsletter
Apr 01, 2020 / Blog
Social activities are an essential starting point for a successful integration of Syrian refugees in the host community. This project aims to strengthen communication among all parties to help refugees achieve social stability and mitigate the impact of the economic crisis, as well as help members... more