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Cities for a New Generation

Status: Completed
  • Lead Organization

    The World Bank.



    Caisse des dépôts et consignations (CDC), MedCities.



    • Limited municipal capacities and competences to implement the city development strategy (CDS) and liaise with civil society to create inclusive solutions.
    • Limited coordination between policy making at national level and the CDS at local level.


    Program Objective

    To assist municipal governments in three cities address urban development challenges in the aftermath of the Arab Spring, with a focus on providing strategic advice on how to improve long-term urban planning, municipal finances, human resources, and social accountability. 


    Selected Results

    • Informed policy/strategy: In-depth diagnosis and strategic policy advice on urban development challenges for policy makers in Marrakesh (Morocco), Saida (Lebanon), and Sfax (Tunisia).
    • Increased capacity: The three cities can rely on in-depth diagnosis and analysis of national urbanization frameworks, municipal finances, human resources, and social accountability issues. Concrete action plans for policy reform have also been developed.
    • Informed project preparation (upstream support): For Morocco and Tunisia, assistance in preparing new World Bank lending projects in support of local governments.