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Climate Change and Migration: Inspiring Practices from the Mediterranean

Oct 05, 2020

The objective of this living report is to compile, analyze, and disseminate inspiring local solutions on how to address the challenges of climate change and its effects on migration through territorial resilience in the Mediterranean region. Internal (within the country) climate migration, rather than cross-border, is the main focus of this exercise within territories of “in” and “out” migration. It covers topics such as food security, coastal management, nature-based solutions, and infrastructure among others, the case studies illustrate the integral relationship between climate change and migration at different territorial levels: urban, rural, coastal, etc.


This report was designed to act as a “living depository” of inspiring practices. It was produced by the Center for Mediterranean Integration and offers a compilation of contributions from several institutional partners: CIHEAM, FAO, GIZ, IUCN, Medcities, UNDP, and the World Bank. This report will be regularly updated as new elements emerge. Suggestions regarding possible additional case studies and comments on lessons for further research sections are most welcome and may be forwarded via email to


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