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Mid-Term Meeting and Training of Core Members of the Host Municipalities Learning Network (HMLN)

  • Starts: Jul 02, 2019
  • Ends: Jul 05, 2019
  • Location: Amman, Jordan
  • By: Center for Mediterranean Integration
  • Photo Credit: Ezzldeen Al-Natour



    Since June 2016 the Mediterranean Host Municipalities Learning Network (HMLN) supports host local governments with evidence-based knowledge and Capacity Building to improve their response capacity to forced displacement. The Network have benefitted from face-to-face workshops and webinars on priority themes, as well as online discussions in the ad-hoc Collaboration4Development (C4D) online collaborative platform. The HMLN adopts a participatory peer-learning approach and engages its members through annual network meetings, technical webinars with experts, technical field trips, trainings, and collections of best practices. Jointly, municipal representatives make progress on their knowledge of local economic development in forced displacement contexts. Around these activities, a yearly survey identifies members’ main knowledge gaps and needs, and a benchmarking survey assesses the network’s progress and impact. In the framework of HMLN capacity building activities, the 1st HMLN Capacity Building Workshop on Strategic Planning for Local Economic Development (Amman, Jordan, March 19-23rd, 2018) gathered 45 representatives from Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Turkey to improve their capacities in local economic development planning and support regional peer-learning.


    Drawing from the request of active HMLN members, CMI will provide an opportunity for core members of the HMLN who participated at last year’s Capacity Building Workshop to join in a second training centered on improving capacities in Local Economic Development (LED) planning. The workshop will also facilitate discussions on HMLN priorities and action planning and establish the Network’s governance structure to continue strengthening the regional exchange. This event will also provide the opportunity for HMLN members to meet and share insights and lessons learned.



    The specialized workshop will focus on Strategic Planning for Local Economic Development (LED) in forced displacement contexts, with a focus on private sector mobilization and facilitation of entrepreneurship to create economic opportunities for host and displaced communities. Participants will be able to build on their accumulated knowledge from the 1st Capacity Building Workshop as well as previous Webinar series to improve the development and implementation of their LED strategies. The workshop is centered on active participation and group work, with contributions from technical experts who will be invited to review and provide feedback to participants’ ideas and questions.


    It will specifically aim at:

    • Strengthening the HMLN ownership, including by forming HMLN country chapters, finalizing the HMLN Charter and improving the Network’s governance, and agreeing on future thematic focus;
    • Deepening participants’ LED expertise through an additional technical training focused on entrepreneurship, and benefitting from an expert/peer review of participants’ LED Strategy;
    • Welcoming a new cohort of participants and introducing the HMLN and members’ achievements to the new cohort.


    Target audience and participation

    The event will target 15 core members of the HMLN from Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Turkey. Participants have been selected by their active role in HMLN governance and active participation during face-to-face and virtual activities.





    Mid-Term Meeting and Training of Core Members of the Host Municipalities Learning Network (HMLN)