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Call for Green Entrepreneurs: SwitchMed Training Programme in Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine

  • Are you a green entrepreneur? Do you want to launch in the market a new green product or service but you don't know where to start? Would you like to learn how to develop a green business model that creates environmental and social value?

    Apply to one of the first highly qualified green entrepreneurship training programme in the southern mediterranean countries. You will learn step by step how to convert your Green Business Ideas into a sound and feasible Green Business Project by joining our on-site trainings workshops. A professional team will guide you during several months, among an incubation phase and an acceleration phase.

    It is a dynamic, flexible, inclusive and free of charge training programme designed to transform ideas into a sustainable and successful business and to scale-up green economy in those countries.

    Apply before the 30th September 2015 in Lebanon and Jordan and before the 15th October in Palestine.


    Submit your application now.


    If you want to read this information in Arabic, click here