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Improving Refugee Integration Policies: National Policies for an International Challenge

Aug 26, 2015
  • Shutterstock/ Thomas Koch
  • Author: Global Diversity Exchange / The World Bank
    Type: Video
    Language(s): English

As record numbers of refugees attempt dangerous Mediterranean crossings to escape instability and poverty in parts of Northern Africa and the Middle East, countries in Europe and North America have struggled to craft helpful policy responses –from the role of nations within a global protection system to the mechanics of asylum seeker processing and relocation.


To adequately address this crisis and increase refugee acceptance quotas within host countries, public dialogue might examine refugee inclusion as part of realizing a long-term development opportunity as well as fulfilling a humanitarian need. This will require refugee integration policies and programs that recognize refugees’ agency and potential and involve local leaders and community. What do we know about the refugee experience? What can we learn from national responses? What works? What scales? How can good policy catalyze public support?


In an effort to identify global best practice and encourage increased innovation in this area, the Global Diversity Exchange and the World Bank look to experienced observers of refugee policy and practice.


More on the webinar here.


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