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Urban Mobility in Mediterranean Cities: Feedback & Perspectives

  • The program « Sustainable Urban Transport » of the CMI, coordinated and funded by the AFD, that delegated implementation to CODATU, started in 2010 with an inaugural conference in Damascus (Syria).


    In its first phase the program activity has consisted mainly in the organization of regional seminars and thematic workshops (Damascus, 2010, Marseille 2010, Barcelona 2011, Marseille 2012). In the second and ongoing phase, with the organization of the National Days for Urban Transport (JNTU) in Tunisia  and Morocco  the program aims tackling local transport stakeholders and decision-makers problems.


    The seminar « Urban mobility in the Mediterranean: feedback and perspectives » that took place in Izmir from 12th to 14th November 2014 aimed at:

    • presenting results and outputs from previous meetings and activities that have been organized and carried out in the field of the program Urban Sustainable Transport since 2010;
    • favoring the exchange of experiences and expertise among high level decision-makers and transport experts of the Mediterranean Region;
    • offering to participants the opportunity to discuss about urban mobility perspectives in the aim also of inspiring the future activities of the program.


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