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Mar 10, 2021 / Program
      Announcement   Due to the evolving situation of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the growing health concerns related to this virus, the Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI) has decided to organize its 5th edition of the World Water Day 2021 workshop virtually.   Background   Every... read more
Feb 15, 2021 / Program
Context   Climate change adds new complexity to Morocco’s economic growth by bringing increased stresses to water and land systems, so affecting water and food insecurity. The climate shocks in recent years of droughts and floods have unfortunately highlighted the impacts of these extreme events.... read more
Dec 10, 2020 / Program
          ورشة عمل إقليمية للشباب بمناسبة اليوم العالمي للمياه   في كل عام يلفت اليوم العالمي للمياه انتباه العالم إلى قضايا المياه الرئيسية في العالم. أما اليوم العالمي للمياه 2021  فسيركز على ... read more
Nov 24, 2020 / Program
*/ See Bootcamp's website     Rationale   Back in June 2020, in the framework of the World Water Day organized annually by the Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI), the CMI, Cewas Middle... read more
May 25, 2020 / Program
Solutions for the Mediterranean Region             Context     In the Framework of the World Water Day organized by the Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI), the CMI’s Regional Knowledge Program on Water in collaboration with the... read more
Feb 24, 2020 / Program
    إعلان   بسبب الإنتشار المتسارع للفيروس كورونا  (COVID-19) والمخاوف الصحية المتزايدة المتعلقة بهذا المرض إضافة إلى التحديات اللوجستية التي نواجهها حاليًا على مستوى العالم نتيجة لهذا الوباء الصحي، قرر مركز التكامل المتوسطي (CMI) تحويل اليوم العالمي للمياه 2020 إلى ورشة عمل عن بعد.   اننا نوئكد أن... read more
Aug 09, 2019 / Program
MENA FOCUS - Mediterranean Youth Unites Around Water     Rationale   The MENA Focus is the Water Week’s Regional Days dedicated to the Middle East and North Africa that were introduced in 2016 and coordinated ever since by GWP-Med. Being part of the MENA Focus, the showcase will discuss the context... read more
May 15, 2019 / Program
Civil Society and Youth’s Views for an Inclusive and Sustainable Future in the Mediterranean     In collaboration with: The Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI), the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF), the United Nations Population... read more
Feb 06, 2019 / Program
CMI World Water Day 2019 Regional Youth Workshop, 25-28 March 2019 (Marrakesh, Morocco)   Background    Every year, World Water Day draws the world’s attention to key water challenges. World Water Day 2019 focused on “Leaving No One Behind - Water and... read more
Oct 30, 2018 / Program
       في كل عام يلفت اليوم... read more
Sep 27, 2018 / Program
  Background   The Mediterranean region is the most water scarce region in the world and one of the most vulnerable to climate change and extreme weather events. Combating water scarcity in order to reduce environmental damage effects could be conducive to job creation and entrepreneurship,... read more
Sep 17, 2018 / Program
  From 17th to 19th September, the Center for Mediterranean Integration will organize an integrated training for the CMI-managed Mediterranean Youth for Water (MedYWat) Coordination group in Bari, Italy.  The group will also participate in the second edition of the CIHEAM ... read more
Apr 24, 2018 / Program
Context   As part of the CMI program on Water Demand Management, a regional workshop on the use of economic instruments for WDM was organized on April 12-13, 2018 in Marseille by AFD and the World Bank with the support of IRSTEA, the French Research Institute on environment and water, and in... read more
Feb 13, 2018 / Program
Rationale   Every year, World Water Day draws the world’s attention to key water challenges. World Water Day 2018 focuses on “Nature for Water” to raise awareness on Nature-based Solutions for Water (NbS) in the Mediterranean. NbS are defined as “…... read more