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National Urban Transport Days (Tunis)

As part of The Center for Mediterranean Integration’s (CMI) Urban transport program, AFD in partnership with the ministry of Transport in Tunisia, and with assistance from CODATU, CEREMA and Transitec have organized the “National Urban Transport Days” from December 12th to 13th, 2012 in Tunis.

The workshop, which was introduced by HE the minister of Transport, covered topics relating to governance along with financial issues that are crucial for improving the transport system in Tunisia in the current context of decentralization. More than 100 senior decision makers and national representatives from the Ministry of Transport and 6 other ministries including the Ministry of Finance were present. Also in attendance at the workshop were personnel from public agencies, governorates and municipalities, public and private operators of urban or regional transport, civil society organizations, as well as researchers and national consultants. They were accompanied by consultants mobilized by AFD.

The workshop was characterized by a high level of participation throughout. Open and interactive discussion facilitated the drafting of shared guidelines. A road map has been developed combining sector policy reforms, institutional changes and pilot projects. These are gathered in nine priority actions that may help the Ministry of Transport to improve current transport framework and prepare the next steps in Tunis (including the Rapid Railway Network project) and across fast-growing medium cities in the country (such as Sfax and Sousse):  

1. Implement national government policy to converge with the new constitution. 
2. Establish regional transport organizing authorities.
3. Create a specific transport authority in Greater Tunis in view of the implementation of the Rapid Railway Network.
4. Establish integrated pricing for public transport in Tunis.
5. Clarify relationship between public authorities and transport companies.
6. Increase the direct tariff revenues for operators.
7. Identify new sources of finance.
8. Connect urban development with transport planning through the transport authorities.
9. Prepare intermediary cities for sustainable urban mobility.

As a follow-up, a workshop on transport authorities and urban transport planning was scheduled in Sfax March 4/5, to be organized within the framework of the EUROMED transport project and with the contribution of CEREMA.




Rapport de synthèse de l’atelier


Les 7 dimensions du système du Transport Urbain, Xavier Hoang, AFD


Organisation du Transport Urbain en Tunisie : cadre reglementaire, problematiques et strategies : Fraj ALI, Directeur Général des Transports Terrestres, Ministère du Transport


Organisation du Transport Urbain en Tunisie : cadre reglementaire, problematiques et strategies : Mounira Yahyaoui, Directrice Générale de la Planification et des Etudes, Ministère du Transport


Les transports Urbains à Sfax : Problèmes et solutions, Dr . Riadh Haj Taieb, Directeur Général des Services Techniques, Municipalité de Sfax


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Les enjeux de Financement des Transports Urbains Durables, Julien Allaire, Directeur Technique, CODATU


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Une équipe à votre écoute, Xavier Hoang, AFD