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MENApolis Workshop - Tunis

  • The MENApolis project is a prospective study showing urban sprawl and demographic trends in Mediterranean cities, available on Google Earth and Google Map. 

    It shows urban population figures from 1960 to 2010, and it makes use of statistical and spatial data as well as of satellite imagery to predict urbanization trends by 2030. 

    Thus, the study provides specific data related to the dynamics of urban population in the 5 countries founding members of the Center: physical extent; rate of urbanization; rate of growth; urban shape; and urban population density. 


    MENApolis Workshop in Tunisia, June 2012 : 

    On May 11, 2012, upon the request of the Direction de l'Urbanisme, Ministry of Public Facilities, the CMI organized in Tunis a training session dedicated to technical staff from a broad range of Tunisian institutions responsible for urban planning, and willing to use, and benefit from, innovative GIS and ICT tools in defining and planning urban development strategies. The training session was delivered by the E-Geopolis association who conceived the MENApolis tool on Google Earth & Map (see the link below). Funded by the French Caisse des Depots, the MENApolis tool makes use of statistical and spatial data as well as of satellite imagery to predict urbanization trends by 2030. It also contributes to promote knowledge of major urbanization indicators and thus facilitates the decision making process in urban planning. 


    This training session was the opportunity to present the methodology used to extract statistic and cartographic data and integrate the predicted urbanization trends into a GIS. The session was successfully received, raising high interest from the participants. They learnt how to use this tool and overlay their own GIS layers on the urban projections, so as to better understand and consider the next urban challenges in their strategies and services provision. Finally, the training laid the ground for a strong ownership of the MENApolis tool by Tunisian institutions. 

    Program of the Training program (in French only)
    List of participants (in French only)


    MENApolis Workshop in Morocco, Novembre 2011 : 
    In this context, dissemination and training workshops are organized upon request of Mediterranean urban stakeholders, who are willing to use and benefit from GIS and ICT tools in defining urban development strategies. Jointly with CDG Développement, CMI organized the first dissemination workshop in Rabat, November 3-4, 2011. This event opens the way for training sessions in Morocco and, upon Tunisian government’s request, seminars in Tunis, in 2012.


    Program, Proceeding and Conclusions (in French only)
    Executive Summary and Synthesis (in French only)
    Synthesis (in French only)