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Mar 10, 2020 / Blog
The empowerment of Refugee women and their self-reliance is increasingly at the center of development programs in local governments hosting forcibly displaced persons in Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Turkey target. How about those women who develop such municipal programs and deal with women’s... more
Jun 25, 2018 / Actionable Solution
This policy brief tries to answer the important question of whether firms gain from women participation in management positions. The debate on academic and policy levels have not reached a consensus regarding the existence of gender gaps in firm performance. This policy brief attempts to clarify... more
Mar 14, 2017 / Blog
In the misleading influx of media images contrasting “eastern submissive women” – i.e. child marriages, forced marriages, forced hijab, female genital mutilation etc. – and of “western free and progressive women” – i.e. female politicians, single mothers, free sexual orientation, abortion rights... more